Investing Guide for beginners

taught by Casey Kepley

Course description

This course a 4 part series for beginning investors. The course will cover the basic steps to getting a plan together to get you on the right path to investing with less distractions and better odds of winning in the stock market. Investing is an art and what you don't know can hurt you in the financial markets.

Maybe you're tired of losing money in the stock markets or maybe you're feeling lost about where to even start putting your money when it comes to investing. If this describes how you are feeling then this course is what you have been looking for. Once you complete this course you will have a better understanding of how the stock market works, how the 1% of the wealthy invest their currency, how to stay focused on the long term goal of building wealth, turning the odds in your favor of winning in the stock market over the long term and REDUCING your risk so you don't lose as much. As an added BONUS the course will also give you some insight into risk parity and the secrets of money. You will learn how the wealthy turn the odds in their favor of winning in the stock market 85% of the time.

Casey Kepley
Casey Kepley

My name is Casey Kepley and I am the instructor for this course. I have been an active and passive investor and over the years have paid out 1,000's of dollars of my own money to get some insight from the worlds best investors dating back to 2008. I own a you tube channel and website called that is international in 148 countries. In my 8 years of research and investing I have achieved financial independence and have been able to create enough passive income off of my investments to exceed all my monthly bills. I accomplished this by the age of 35 however I learned quickly from my experience, that it is not guaranteed and I will explain why in the last part of this course "How to start building passive income".

As an investor I have researched extensively from 2008 to the present day on different topics of investing and have never stopped learning about the art of investing. I have over 10,000 hours of research on the topic and what you will get in this course is a bundled package that condenses a lot of that research into about 1.5 - 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I have had many failures from my experiences and many successes as an investor. My goal with this course is to give beginning investors a guide to follow for getting started so that they can reduce their risk and still position themselves for returns from their investments. The course is designed to help understand how investing works and help the investor avoid pitfalls from their own emotions turning against them in stock market swings. The course should also help so that you don't make the same mistakes I made when I first started investing, that way you can save a lot of your hard earned money from making the same mistakes I made and get a head start on building wealth for your future.