Day Trading 101

taught by Casey Kepley
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Casey Kepley
Casey Kepley

About the Instructor

My name is Casey Kepley and I am the instructor for this course. I have been an active and passive investor and over the years have paid out 1,000's of dollars of my own money to get some insight from the worlds best investors and day traders dating back to 2008. I own a you tube channel and website called that is international in 148 countries.

As an investor and day trader I have over 10,000 hours of research on the topics and what you will get in this course is a bundled package that condenses a lot of that research into videos on a beginners guide to investing for the long term and for the day traders course, chart reading techniques and live trades. Both courses are separate and include different material.  

I have had many failures from my experiences and many successes as an investor and day trader. My goal with these courses, are to give beginning investors and day traders a guide to follow for getting started so that they can reduce their risk and still position themselves for returns from their trades and investments.  

Course Contents

10 Videos

Beginners Guide to Investing

Money Management tips
Live Trade using 15 min and 5 min charts.
Observations and closing statements